Guinea Pig Nutrition & Dental Disease

November 27, 2010 December 14, 2018
Good teeth are essential to your guinea pig’s health and well-being. Guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously throughout their life and a nutritious diet consisting of a high quality grassy hay, a variety of vegetables and adequate vitamin c will help to ensure your pig does not develop dental disease.
Dental disease is disturbingly common in guinea pigs and can be easily prevented by providing your pig with an unlimited supply of a long-stranded, high-fibre grassy hay and a vitamin c supplement.
Grassy hays including Timothy, Oaten, Barley and Fescue hay are high in fibre, low in protein and low in calcium. Grassy hays are therefore responsible for maintaining a healthy and functioning digestive system and reduces the risk of developing soft stools, urinary tract and bladder issues, gas and bloating. Grassy hays can be purchased from any good produce store, pet store or veterinary clinic.
Vitamin C is essential for guinea pigs’ growth and is responsible for bone development and tooth root formation. Guinea pigs are unable to produce their own vitamin c and it is for this reason, that it must be supplied in their diet. Vitamin C is unstable in water and should therefore be given to guinea pigs in the form of an oral tablet or liquid.
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