Alana has loved looking after animals ever since she can remember and always dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian or Veterinary nurse. Taking in & rehabilitating orphaned and injured birds since age 9, Alana’s interest in animals and their welfare has since flourished, with Alana owning a menagerie of pets, from birds to guinea pigs, turtles and dogs.

Following graduation from high school, she completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology and Animal Behaviour. She then enrolled in a Veterinary nursing course at the Veterinary Nursing Resource Centre at Samford. Whilst studying, Alana worked as a trainee veterinary nurse at a busy dog & cat clinic and within a year, became the head veterinary nurse, enjoying the associated challenges and increased responsibilities.

Following completion of her veterinary nursing certificate, Alana then went on to enrol in a higher level nursing certificate. Although Alana loved working with dogs and cats, she yearned for a change, something a little out of the ordinary. In early 2007, Alana applied for an exciting position as a veterinary nurse in a unique, newly established bird & exotics veterinary clinic in South Brisbane. She was the first nurse to work in the clinic and eagerly accepted the role of head veterinary nurse as the clinic began to grow. Working alongside a specialist trained Veterinarian, Alana gained extensive knowledge on the proper care and husbandry of birds and exotic pets. As these unique pets increased in popularity, so did the demand for somewhere that boarded them. Alana could not ignore this increasing demand, so she made the tough decision to leave her much loved workplace to embark on a new journey…Opening up the first ever Boarding Resort specifically catered to birds and exotic pets!

Alana adores her newly found career and could not think of a better way to spend the day than caring for your feathered, furry and scaly friends.



Liam has grown up with animals and has had numerous different pets; including budgies, quakers, galahs, mice, dogs, a mini goat and a mini horse. Liam is responsible for all the electronic aspects of Noah’s Ark Pet Resort, including this website. You may also see Liam helping out around the resort, especially during our busy times.