Birdy Bungalow

Our Birdy Bungalow is a luxurious sanctuary for birds of all breeds and sizes. With spacious, quiet, climate-controlled rooms and individual enclosures, you can feel confident your bird is being cared for in a secure, relaxing environment.

Daily Enrichment & Foraging Opportunities

All birds staying with us will be provided with fresh native branches, flowers, pine cones, gum nuts, pods and a large variety of foraging toys to keep their minds stimulated. All of our guests are provided with lots of opportunities for supervised playtime outside of their cage and encouraged with positive re-enforcement techniques to interact with staff members during playtime.

Bird Boarding Daily Enrichment & Foraging Opportunities
Bird Boarding Pellets, Seed, Sprouts, Chop Mix, Mixed Raw Nuts, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables and Fresh Browse

Pellets, Seed, Sprouts, Chop Mix, Mixed Raw Nuts, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables and Fresh Browse

We use only the highest quality bird food for your loved one. A wide selection of seed, mixed raw nuts (both in shell and out of shell), fresh fruit and vegetables, and treats are all provided during your bird’s stay. We encourage all owners to bring along any specific food items which we may not provide, including pellets for pellet converted birds. Birds can be extremely resistant to change and will feel more at home with a familiar diet.

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables include Asian greens, silverbeet, broccoli, corn, carrot, sweet potato, beans, snow peas, chilies, capsicum, tomato, grapes, berries, apple, pear, melon, passionfruit and banana.
  • Mixed raw nuts include almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts.
  • Treats include millet spray, arrowroot biscuits, sultanas and rice crackers.

Immaculate Enclosures Cleaned Daily

Birds feel most comfortable when in familiar surroundings, which is why we recommend bringing along your bird’s normal cage when they come to stay. We do however understand that this is not always feasible, and cages are available for hire upon request. Our cages feature natural, native branches for perching, stainless steel bowls and a large selection of enrichment toys to keep your loved one entertained for hours.

We have a variety of different sized cages available for hire on a weekly basis. All cages are composed of powder coated metal and in pristine condition. Also, cages and their contents are cleaned thoroughly with F10 disinfectant following each use.

Bird Boarding Immaculate Enclosures Cleaned Daily
Bird Boarding Medical Treatments and Intensive Care

Medical Treatments and Intensive Care

The team at Noah’s Ark are specialist trained and more than happy to cater for birds requiring medication at an additional cost. Intensive care services include crop feeding, oral medications, injectable medications, daily weight charts and monitoring. A current history is required if your bird has any pre-existing health and/or behavioural problems, however this can be organised with your veterinarian prior to boarding.

Add Special Care to your pet’s stay starting at $7.50 per day.

Peace of Mind, Health Checks

The health and safety of our guests is of primary importance to us, which is why all birds must receive a health check and avian chlamydia test within 12 months of their stay. We recommend an avian specialist, however any registered avian veterinarian will suffice.

Bird Boarding Peace of Mind, Health Checks
Bird Boarding Grooming


Our specialist staff have the experience and confidence to clip bird’s wings using the correct wing clipping technique. Your birds nails can also be trimmed using a special burring tool. Wing and nail trims are also available to any pet not boarding at Noah’s Ark Pet Resort.

  • Extra Small Birds $25.00
  • Small Birds $25.00
  • Medium Birds $30.00
  • Large Birds $35.00

Birdy Bootcamp Pellet Conversion

Have you ever stopped to think about what we are actually feeding our pet birds? Parrots in the wild feed on sprouted green grasses, nuts, seeds, grains, flowers and fruit. In fact, wild parrots don’t eat much seed at all, and certainly not the type of seeds found in commercial bird mix. Seed diets are extremely high in fat and 97% deficient in all vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In the wild, parrots can compensate for these deficiencies by eating a wide variety of food. In captivity, pet birds rely on the diet we as owners provide, and if that diet consists of mostly seed, they have no way of compensating for what seed lacks. In-particular, an all-seed diet lacks calcium, which is essential to birds for bone development. Seeds also lack complete proteins, which birds require for feather growth and moulting. As seeds are high in fat, birds fed a diet consisting of mostly seed are more prone to high cholesterol and associated fatty liver disease and kidney problems.

The team at Noah’s Ark Pet Resort recommends a diet low in fat and, rich in vitamins and minerals. A diet consisting of approximately 70% pellets, and a combination of vegetables, grains, legumes, fruit and a small amount of seed, will provide your bird with a healthy, complete diet. The only exception however are cockatiels, whose diet should make up no more than 50% pellets.

Birds who have eaten seed all their life can not however be placed directly on a pelleted diet. Contrary to common opinion, birds will not readily convert to a new diet even if hungry. Birds must be placed on a conversion program, specific to their personality and breed in order to ensure successful conversion and reduce the risk of weight loss and stress.

At Noah’s Ark Pet Resort, we offer a ‘Birdy Boot camp’ to any clients having difficulty converting their feathered friends onto a pelleted diet, or even just adding vegetables, grains or fruit to their diet. We understand that it can be just as much a stressful time for you, as for your bird and that’s why we are here to help. For more information on a pellet-based diet or pellet conversion, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

Add Birdy Bootcamp to your bird’s stay for $10.00 per day.

Bird Boarding Birdy Bootcamp Pellet Conversion

Bird Boarding Rates

Important: All birds staying in our Birdy Bungalows must receive an avian health check and avian chlamydia test within 12 months of their stay.

Please refer to our terms & conditions.

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