Poultry Pad

Our Poultry Pads are luxurious sanctuaries for poultry of all breeds and sizes including chickens, ducks, geese and pheasants. With spacious & secure outdoor tractors, you can feel confident your feathered babies are being cared for in a safe and relaxing environment.

We look after a variety of chicken breeds, ducks, geese and pheasants.

Daily Enrichment & Interaction

Our chickens, ducks, geese and pheasants receive one-on-one time with our carers and their tractors are moved around daily so that they always have access to fresh grass. To ensure the safety of our guests, we do not allow them to free range on the property.

All guests are provided with lots of attention and cuddles.

Premium Free-range Layer Mash, Pellets, Meal Worm Treats, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

We provide our guests with fresh vegetables and fruit daily, premium free-range layer mash, layer pellets and meal worm treats.

Immaculate Enclosures With Fresh Grassed Area Daily

Our deluxe outdoor tractors are provided complimentary during our guests’ stay and come with a completely enclosed second level (nesting area). Our enclosures are moved to a fresh grassed area daily and cleaned every morning, including fresh food and water.

Additionally we can also provide indoor XL crates for our guests on request. The crates are situated indoors inside a climate controlled room. Outdoor guests are relocated indoors when the weather is unfavourable.

For all enclosures we provide all bedding for our guests complimentary.

Medical Treatments and Intensive Care

The specialist team at Noah’s Ark are more than happy to cater for chickens, ducks or geese requiring medication at an additional cost. Intensive care services include oral medications, injectable medications, daily weight charts and monitoring. A current history is required if your chicken, duck or goose has any pre-existing health problems, however this can be organised with your veterinarian prior to boarding with us.

Additionally intensive care patients can be housed indoors in our XL crates if required.

Add Special Care to your pet’s stay starting at $7.50 per day.

Peace of Mind, Health Checks

A health examination by a poultry savvy veterinarian is an important part of keeping your chicken, duck, goose or pheasant healthy and happy.

The health and safety of our guests is of primary importance to us, which is why we recommend that all poultry receive a health check within 12 months of their stay.

Boarding Rates

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