Furry Funhouse

Our funhouse is the perfect retreat for your furry family whilst you are away on holidays. Accommodation includes spacious, well-ventilated rooms where your loved one can feel comfortable and secure. Owners can feel confident knowing their pet is being cared for in a stress-free environment where lots of cuddles and play time are compulsory.

Daily Enrichment & Interaction

Enrichment and mental stimulation are vital to ensure your pet leads a happy and healthy life. All rats and mice vacationing with us will receive daily environmental enrichment in the form of exercise wheels, tunnels, climbing toys such as ladders and branches, toys to promote dental health and foraging toys.

Pellets, Rodent Mix, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

We use only the highest quality rat & mouse food when it comes to feeding your loved one. All rats and mice are offered a range of rodent pellets, organic home made rodent mix, fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Owners are encouraged to bring along their pet’s staple diet, along with any favourite treats as a sudden diet change can be extremely stressful on your pet. In the event that your pet’s normal diet is not accessible, we will provide food at no extra cost. All rats and mice are provided with a complimentary buffet of diced fresh fruit and vegetables on a daily basis.

Immaculate Enclosures Cleaned Daily

To make your furry one’s stay with us as comfortable as possible, we recommend bringing along your own enclosure and any familiar items, such as bedding or toys. However if this is not possible, we have a range of fully-furnished and non-furnished enclosures available for hire.

Medical Treatments and Intensive Care

As specialist trained, the team at Noah’s Ark are more than happy to cater for rats or mice requiring medication, at an additional cost. A current history is required if your pet has any pre-existing health problems, however this can be organised with your veterinarian prior to boarding.

Add Special Care to your pet’s stay starting at $7.50 per day.

Peace of Mind, Health Checks

A health examination by a rat/mouse savvy veterinarian is an important part of keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. One of the most common problems in rats is respiratory disease and a health check every 12 months will help to ensure that any respiratory issues are detected early and treated accordingly. Other health concerns include skin conditions, parasitic infections and abnormal growths.

The health and safety of our guests is of primary importance to us, which is why all rats and mice must receive a health check within 12 months of their stay. We recommend a rodent specialist, however any registered veterinarian competent in rodent care will suffice.

Boarding Rates

Please refer to our terms & conditions.