Reptile Retreat

Our reptile retreat provides a secure home-away-from-home for your scaly family member whilst you are away. Your loved one will receive quality care and lots of attention from our specialist trained staff members.

Daily Enrichment & Interaction

Enrichment and mental stimulation is particularly important for active pet reptiles housed in enclosures. Reptiles in their natural habitat keep active by exploring new areas to obtain food, moving over different terrains, basking and water bathing. Your loved one will be provided with a range of environmental enrichment opportunities on a daily basis, including time outside of their enclosure, unless specified otherwise.

A High Quality Breed Specific Diet

All reptiles staying with us will be provided with a high quality diet specific to their breeds’ requirements. Lizards, such as blue tongues and bearded dragons will receive a variety of fresh fruit & vegetables, insects and a complete vitamin supplement on a daily basis. Turtles will be offered a combination of turtle blocks, blood worms, beef heart and pellets, all with added reptile supplement. Snakes will be provided with a diet that mimics their normal diet at home. Please note that we do not support the feeding of live animals to pet snakes and refuse to feed live animals to any of our boarding snakes, even at the owner’s request. Owners are encouraged to bring along any specific food items that we may not normally provide, as a sudden diet change can be extremely stressful to your pet.

Immaculate Enclosures With Breed Specific Heating and Lighting

We encourage all owners to provide their own enclosure in order to ensure their pet’s stay is as comfortable as possible. We do understand that this is not always practical nor feasible and therefore provide a range of reptile enclosures for hire.

Our spacious, thermoregulated terrariums and vivariums come fully-furnished with ceramic food & water bowls, a water lagoon, hide logs, basking rocks & branches for climbing. All enclosures are equipped with heating & lighting specific to your reptile’s needs. Lighting and heating is maintained on a daily basis and UV lights are changed every 6 months.

Our thermoregulated turtle tanks come fully furnished with river rocks, drift wood, a floating dock, live plants, ornaments, ceramic heat lamp, a UV light and filters. Lighting and heating is maintained on a daily basis and UV lights are changed every 6 months.

Enclosures, feed and water bowls are cleaned thoroughly with F10 disinfectant at least once daily.

Medical Treatments and Intensive Care

We are more than happy to cater for any reptiles requiring medication, at an additional cost. A current history is required if your pet has any pre-existing health problems, however this can be organised with your veterinarian prior to boarding.

Add Special Care to your pet’s stay starting at $7.50 per day.

Peace of Mind, Health Checks

The health and safety of our guests is of primary importance to us, which is why all reptiles must receive a health check prior to staying with us. We recommend a reptile specialist, however any veterinarian experienced with reptiles will suffice.

Boarding Rates

Please refer to our terms & conditions.